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Wooden Children's Camera Toy Baby

Wooden Children's Camera Toy Baby

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 product description : 
Name : Wooden camera deciduous box
Material : Beech
Weight : 0.45KG
Size : 14*10.5*5.5cm
Packing : color box
Applicable age : over 3 years old

 Product Features : 
1. It is both a toy camera and a storage box for deciduous teeth and lanugo.
2. Can be used as ornaments or baby toys.

 Show details : 
The deciduous teeth are a pair of teeth when a person germinates. The replacement of teeth represents the gradual growth of the baby during childhood. It is very commemorative to store the baby's fallen deciduous teeth in a box.
I'm a camera baby box.

- Camera button : Simulate real press.
- Kaleidoscope : fun magical lens.
- File stickers : record baby's information.(English stickers)
- Deciduous area : store your baby's primary teeth.
- Fetal hair groove: store baby's fetal hair.


Accompany your baby's growth, precious memories of childhood

How to save baby teeth:
1. Put the deciduous deciduous teeth in boiling water and cook for 5 minutes.
2. Put it in a ventilated place to dry naturally after sterilization.
3. Put a little cotton to fix it before putting it in the corresponding position.

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