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Gaming 7.1 Stereo Headphones Pink Headset Removable Cat Ear

Gaming 7.1 Stereo Headphones Pink Headset Removable Cat Ear

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Product name: K9 cat ear headset

Are cat ears removable? -------yes

Is the microphone rotatable and stretchable? -----yes

Is the head beam stretchable? ------yes

Is there a separate switch control for the lights? -----yes

Note: There are three versions of this product,

1. One is the pink version with 3.5mm dual plugs. The 3.5mm plugs function as microphone and sound respectively, and the USB plug functions to power the headset backlight, which is more common for PC computers.

2. Pink version 7.1. This version of the headset has only one USB plug. It is version 7.1. If you have high requirements for sound quality, you can choose this one. It can be used on computers, PS4, and xbox one.

3. Black single 3.5mm plug version, with 2 plugs, one is 3.5mm round head, the function is to combine microphone and sound, the USB plug is the power supply plug for the backlight power of the headset

Reminder 1: Headphones can be used for xbox one, but not all xbox one devices, please purchase the appropriate version according to your own device

Reminder 2: This headset does not come with a box, if you need a box, you need to pay the cost of the box, please contact our online customer service to make up the difference

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