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Nail Star Glue

Nail Star Glue

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[Item type] sheet glue
[Net Weight] 15ml
[White colour
[Package] 1PC star glue
[Use for] nail art sheet sticker
Please be careful: this glue is limited by time and will solidify when the temperature is close to 0 degrees Celsius (do not recommend buying when the time is below 0 degrees Celsius, it cannot be used normally, please your comprehension)


  Step1: First apply a layer of star glue on the nails, wait for 9 minutes to dry, and wait for the glue to become transparent!

  Step2: Paste the starry sky sticker and push it flat. (Be sure to wait for the glue to become transparent!)

Step3: Stick to your ideal appearance, tear off the bottom film. Brushing the bright oil is complete, if it is QQ nail polish, make it in the seal layer!undefined

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